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What is spinjitzuu?

Spinjitzuu is external and safe since published. It’s viability and safety is granted by our handmade external process reading without injecting to the game, in that way, we fully secure your account. The continuous improvements on Spinjitzuu make it the Perfect Orbwalker with one of the quickest processing time anywhere. Built in Target Selector, focuses only on attacking champions, so you may focus on other things happening during your gameplay. Also, its conversion settings allow you to use the software on any screen resolutions and to play on unlocked camera!

By subscribing, you will be given:
• A periodical licence to Spinjitzuu products (received directly after purchase)
• 24/7 Discord support
• Being a part of evolving and active community

In addition, the software uses advanced range and rune calculations, like the one in the Lethal Tempo rune keystone. The modern design of GUI helps you understand each function the application provides. The huge value is also provided by our community, whose you can ask any question and they surely will help you dispel your doubts.
Spinjitzuu is highly recommended to AD Carries players but surely finds its place for other players on different roles. Next in line, Auto-attack resets and Auto-QSS are going to be implemented, to assist you even more and help you enjoy the game.

Exclusive Features


A pixel perfect kiting will make you perform better than ever! Just hold space and watch your champion gliding.

No-Code Scripting

Create your own combos and basic logic to your favourite champion with in-built tool without any coding knowledge!

Customizable Drawings

Beautiful and fully customizable visuals will help you track enemies' position and spell usage. You will never have to worry about cooldowns!

Stay Safe

You will always stay safe with spinjitzuu as it's completely external and doesn't inject into the game. What does it mean? You simply can't get caught!

Much more!

Software also includes many experimental features such as Auto Barrier/Heal, Self-configurable champion scripts and much more! Stay updated and join our community discord server!

What is External?

External is when the function is being executed is residing within another process than the game-process.

What is Internal?

Internal is when the function is being executed is residing within the game-process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy SPINJITZUU?

  1. Choose your license listed above.
  2. Click “TRY NOW” to be redirected to the shop.
  3. Choose your favourite payment method.
  4. Enter your email address in “email” section.
  5. Your license will be sent to entered email.
  6. Simply download spinjitzuu and activate code in “Registration” tab.

  • In case of problems contact support on Discord.

What is orbwalking?

Orbwalking, also known as attack moving or kiting, is an auto-attack mechanic. It allows you to chase down/run away from enemies while still damaging them by cancelling attack animations after the damage has already been triggered.

My program doesn't work.

  • Make sure your color settings are 50/50/50/50 and the colorblind mode is toggled on.
  • Set your “Player Attack Move Click” to “A”. Make sure you set  “Player Attack Move Click” instead of other options like “Player Attack Move” etc.
  • Try borderless window
  • Make sure your “.exe” file is named exactly “spinjitzuu5.exe”
  • Restart Spinjitzuu.
  • Restart your computer.
  • If it didn’t help you, contact with us via Discord


Yes and will always be. It’s an external, so it’s not visible by the game.

Does SPINJITZUU work on all servers?

We do our best to make SPINJITZUU compatible with all servers, but for now it does not work on CN/KR/JP/Garena.